Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Hanging Of Saddam

I was recently sent the following press statement issued by Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime minister of Malasia, who is also described as a member of the International Committee for the Defence of President Saddam Hussein.

Thus Dr Mohamad’s statement won't neccessarily be without bias.

Nonetheless, it invites discussion. Here it is:

The Barbaric Lynching of President Saddam Hussein.

On the Holy day of Eid, the world watched in horror at the barbaric lynching of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, allegedly for crimes against humanity. This public murder was sanctioned by the War Criminals, President Bush and Prime Minister Blair.

This sadistic act broadcasted to the whole world is a travesty of justice, and was meant to demonstrate the imperial power of the United States and serves as a warning to peace loving peoples that we must either bow to the dictates of the Bush regime or face the consequences of a public lynching.

The lynching was also an insult to all Muslims, as it occurred on the Holy Day of Eid, whereby Muslims devote themselves to prayer and forgiveness. It is all too clear that the war criminal Bush has no sensitivities whatsoever for Muslims on their pilgrimage to Mecca. This barbaric act is a sacrilege!

The entire trial process was a mockery of justice, no less a Kangaroo Court. Defence counsels were brutally murdered, witnesses threatened and judges removed for being impartial and replaced by puppet judges. Yet, we are told that Iraq was invaded to promote democracy, freedom and justice.

A peaceful country has now been turned into a war zone. Over 500,000 children died as a result of the criminal economic sanctions, and the latest findings by the medical journal, Lancet reveals that over 650,000 Iraqis have died since the illegal invasion of 2003.

The War Criminal Bush has killed more Iraqis than President Saddam ever did, if in fact he was guilty of any crime. If President Saddam Hussein is guilty of war crimes, then the world must find Bush, Blair and Howard equally guilty and the International Criminal Court cannot but prosecute these war criminals. The inaction thus far by the International Criminal Court against Bush, Blair and Howard exposes the double standard of the said Court, when it does not hesitate to prosecute war crimes committed in Dalfur, Rwanda and Kosovo.

If we support human rights and justice, we must condemn this barbaric lynching of President Saddam Hussein. There can be no excuse whatsoever for this injustice under any circumstances. War Criminal Bush and the puppet regime in Iraq have made a mockery of the Rule of Law.

* * *

Dr Mohamad does get a couple of things wrong, like when he says George Bush has killed more Iraqis than did Saddam. According to Iraq’s ambassador (or was it deputy ambassador?) to the UN who I heard talking on CNN the other day, Saddam was responsible for killing 2 million Iraqis - quite a lot more than the mere 650,000 Iraqis whose deaths George Bush is allegedly responsible for. So, of the two monsters, Saddam would seem the bigger.

As to the hanging taking place on the Muslim holy day of Eid, the Americans did try to get the hanging postponed for at least two weeks. But the Iraqi prime minister Maliki wanted it done without delay, even if it was done on a holy day. So George Bush is innocent on that one.

But, given his culpability in the deaths of 650,000 Iraqis, George Bush would seem equally as guilty as was Saddam of crimes against humanity - as also would be Bush’s co-conspirator, Tony Blair - even though they weren’t responsible for the deaths of quite as many Iraqis as was Saddam, so that if Saddam was to hang, so too should George Bush and Tony Blair. But, by hanging Saddam, the present leaders of Iraq, as well as the Americans, showed that on a moral level they were no different from Saddam, for the premeditated hanging of someone is among the most brutal of acts.

CNN and the other American news media didn't show photos or video of the actual moment when Saddam passed over to the Other Side, on the grounds it would have been too much for the delicate sensibilities of Americans. However, given that the USA is among the very few countries that allow hangings, along with other enlightened and democratic countries such as Chad, why shouldn’t all hangings, not just Saddam’s, be in public for all to see?

Since hangings, being part of “justice”, should be seen to be done by the people for whom “justice” is carried out in the name of, does it not follow that the people must be allowed to witness all hangings, so to witness at first hand the barbarities of which they approve?