Sunday, September 23, 2007

Over Mexican Skies

On the afternoon of March 4 2004, ten thousand five hundred feet above the city of Ciudad del Carmen, in the state of Campeche, Mexico, a twin engined surveillance airplane belonging to the 501 Aerial Squadron of the Mexican Air Force, with its three crew members, was on a routine exercise of keeping a lookout for drug-smuggling airplanes by means of radar and infra-red video cameras.

Around 5.00 pm there appeared on the radar screen, and on the infra-red camera, an unknown craft. The surveillance plane moved closer so the crew could get a closer look. Then the unknown craft flew away at a very high speed, too fast for the surveillance plane to pursue it. It should be noted that the surveillance plane’s crew couldn’t actually see the unknown craft, which only the plane’s radar and infra-red cameras could detect.

Then the unknown craft reappeared on the radar and infra-red screens and it seemed to be following or chasing the surveillance plane. Then another craft appeared on the screens, and joined the first craft in its pursuit of the surveillance plane. Somewhat naturally, the crew were disconcerted, if not fearful, for, bloody hell, what could this be? Their confusion was made worse a few seconds later when even more unknown craft appeared on the radar and infra-red screens. This brought the number to eleven, which, again, the crew couldn’t actually see, but only on the radar and infra-red camera screens.

Then these strange craft enveloped the surveillance plane. What to do? Why not, thought the captain, turn out all the plane’s lights and see what happens. The lights were accordingly turned off, so everything became completely dark - except of course for the light emanating from the radar screen and infra-red camera, with their images of the unknown craft - whereupon they (the strange craft) disappeared from the radar and camera screens, never to be seen again.

The Mexican Department of Defense took this incident very seriously and investigated it thoroughly, examining the recorded images and the data, and interrogating the crew. After completing the investigation, the Mexican Department of Defense, instead of making this all a big secret - as the US Department of Defense would undoubtedly have done – went totally the other way, and, by the order of Secretary of Defense, General Clemente Vega Garcia, contacted the nationally-known journalist and UFO researcher, Jaime Maussan, and turned over to him all the relevant tapes and data, and gave him permission to interview the crew, so that he might evaluate what happened, and publicise it if he so wished.

After Maussan examined everything and talked to the crew, he gave a public presentation of his findings which you, too, can look at if you click on to the link at the bottom of this posting. But you should first know that, in his presentation, Maussan has expanded beyond the above-described incident, which we might describe as a Close Encounter of the First Kind, except that the UFOs themselves couldn’t be seen by the naked eye.

I’m led, by the way, to understand that if you point a TV remote control at a camcorder, and hold down the channel button while looking through the camcorder’s viewfinder, you’ll see the remote control’s infra-red light, even though you can’t see it with the naked eye. This may explain why the crew of the spotter plane could catch the images of the strange craft on tape, but not actually see them themselves.

I’m also informed that most of us can’t see beyond the basic spectrum of light. Some people, though, are more sensitive to the light spectrum, which might explain why they see UFOs but most of their fellow humans don’t. Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there.

I had mentioned, before I digressed, that Jaime Maussan in his public presentation of his analysis of the surveillance plane’s radar and infra red tapes, expanded on the topic by talking about other aspects of the Unseen and Unexplained. Thus there is a segment showing film of certain people being distracted by funny noises and strange phenomena, while apparently being watched by beings with sticklike bodies and large heads with large sloping eyes - the classic extra-terrestrial beings seen by abductees.

You should, however, look at this segment with the proverbial pinch of salt, since such pictures and film can be faked. Jaime Maussan, the passionate ufologist that he is, has in the past sometimes allowed his enthusiasm to cloud his judgement, has allowed valour to be the better part of discretion, and so has sometimes innocently presented films, tapes, and photos of UFOs and related phenomena as true, but which were subsequently shown to be fakes.

However this doesn’t apply to the Mexican Air Force surveillance plane’s tapes of the unknown craft it encountered, since these tapes were demonstrably genuine.

The final segment of Jaime Maussan’s presentation deals with crop circles. Just as the film footage of the surveillance plane’s tapes of the unknown craft is genuine, so also is the film footage of the crop circles, since crop circles are a fact, and what is shown of them in Maussan’s presentation is stuff most of us have seen before in other settings. But crop circles remind us all of how mysterious they are, for they aren’t all man-made.

A crop circle aficionado can quickly tell those which are man-made from those which aren’t. Inside the man-made circles the stems of the hay or wheat, or whatever, are broken – having being flattened by heavy rollers. But the non man-made circles are something else, since the plant stalks are bent over unbroken about an inch off the ground and near the stem’s first node (or knuckle).

But when these stems are put under a microscope it is found that their molecular structure, as well as many other characteristics, is somewhat different from that of plant stems outside the circle, the result of having had very intense heat directed at them, of the sort produced by microwaves or ultrasound. The same goes also with the soil inside the circles, which, like the plants, shows signs of having been on the receiving end of intense heat, and is molecularly different from soil outside the circles.

There have been over ten-thousand crop circles observed, most in England. They are usually formed at night, between two and four AM in the wee hours during the short English summer nights. The non-human entities, whatever they are, that make these crop-circles are very cunning, for they produce them under the noses of the crop-circle junkies who are looking for them. Some seekers have seen large balls of brilliant colour which project beams of light into farmer’s fields, which the next morning display a new crop circle.

In 1996, a pilot flying above Stonehenge reported nothing unusual below, but fifteen minutes later a huge 900 foot crop circle, of an extremely intricate design, had appeared next to Stonehenge.

In the matter of crop-circle designs, they are becoming progressively more complex as time goes on. You will see examples in Jaime Maussan’s video presentation.

We can only conclude that crop circles are made by intelligences we know not of, and that they are telling us they're here, but only a mere handful of us choose to notice, since the big Kahunas who own the MSM (mainstream media) and who rule over us have convinced us that we, who think non-humans make crop circles, are nut-cases, since if we all believed that mysterious intelligences Out There are monitoring us, and making crop-circles to tell us they’re here, and are flying all those UFOs which we keep seeing, this would be utterly subversive of the status quo, which the big Kahunas, whether in business or government, have a vested interest in maintaining, for without the status quo, we might become restless and begin to think, and to ask inconvenient questions of the Big Kahunas, who absolutely don't want us to do this.

Now to Jaime Maussan’s video presentation which you can watch by clicking here.


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