Friday, October 12, 2007

ETs, UFOs, Crop Circles - Readers Responses

My most recent posting, “Those Amazing ETs And Their Flying Machines”, evoked such passionate responses from you, my esteemed readers, that I deemed them worthy of a separate posting. So I cut and pasted them, and here they are:

From LittlePage: I'm torn between the belief that extra-terrestrials exist or don't. For example, I watched a PBS film about crop circles, and they documented many people that create fairly complex designs, and created circles for the documetary maker's film.

However, given the increasingly complex designs you mention, some may be way out of the league (and time - they have to finish during the night) for the crop-makers, and so must be explained by other means.

From Christopher: Most crop circles in England appear in July and August, when the hours of darkness are the shortest. But, given that July and August are the hottest months, does this merely mean that human crop-circle makers find the warm nights of summer more pleasant in which to do their work than during the cold rainy nights of winter? Quite possibly.

On the other hand, since the nightly hours of darkness during July and August in England are only about four hours, this doesn’t give human crop-circle makers much time to do their work undetected.

So how about that the ETs are deliberately making their very complex circles during these short nights, to show us that these circles are not of human design?

I’ve concluded, for the reasons given in my previous postings, that the mysterious lights in the night sky, which so many have seen over so many years, are manipulated by extra-terrestrial intelligences.

By means of these lights, and the crop circles, the ETs are shouting out to us (figuratively of course) that they’re here. But we don’t listen, or at least Official Science doesn’t. So we have the absurd spectacle of government-funded scientific groups searching for extra-terrestrial life, but through listening for radio signals from other civilizations Out There. These efforts have gone on for decades but have yielded nothing.

Meanwhile, under our noses, and under the nose of Official Science, we may be getting continuous signals from extra-terrestrial civilizations, but in the form of lights in the sky and crop-circles, which our scientists choose to ignore because they (the crop circles, and night lights) lie outside the belief system of Official Science.

There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see.

From Guy de Maupassant: “……..There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see……..”. I do so like this, and wish I could have written it myself.

Yes, we all of us - or nearly all of us - see only what we wish to see. But there are scientists out there who do have the courage to go where evidence leads, no matter what they're investigating.

It’s sad that most don’t remove the blinkers which prevent them seeing beyond the boundaries of their belief system, which encompasses only the “natural” world.

Were they to remove their blinkers, they might see that the “supernatural” world - which crop-circles and their like are part and parcel of – would become as much a part of the “natural” world as are lions and dogs and the Eiffel Tower.

From Christopher: I’m so honoured, Monsieur de Maupassant, that you would read my web-log, let alone comment on it.

While researching your life, I learned that in your later years, you “……developed an exaggerated love for solitude, a predilection for self-preservation, and a constant fear of death and mania of persecution……..”.

This so perfectly reflects how I am, that I think I may have been you in a previous incarnation. How happy it makes me, to feel that not only may I have been you, but, as you, I may have hob-nobbed with luminaries like Charles Swinburne, Gustave Flaubert, Emile Zola, and Ivan Turgenev. I don’t remember what we all talked about, but I feel it would have been above the intellectual level of who will become the next “American Idol”, which so obsesses the majority mainstream cultural illiterates of this twenty-first century.

And to think it may have been I who authored your short-story masterpieces like “Boule de Suif” and “La Parure”. When I look at the pieces I write on this blog, and compare them to what you wrote, I cringe. But should I allow a hypnotist to regress me back to my former life as you, I might, when returned, be sufficiently inspired to write as you did, and so write pieces which will become as immortal as “Boule de Suif” and “La Parure”.

If so, I would die happy, or at least happier than you, when you, yourself, died, after you were declared insane. I can only hope I will die before I, too, am declared insane by those who think that to be a back-slapping, gregarious, hail-fellow-well-met, is to be the epitome of sanity.

Allow me, Monsieur de Maupassant, to add to what you said about the blinkered views of mainstream scientists. These views are are reinforced by fear, the fear that if they stray too far from official orthodoxy they will find themselves unemployed and standing in a soup-line – a situation not to be wished if you have a mortgage to pay, and children to feed and educate.

The foundations and corporations which fund universities through grants and scholarships, would cease their largesse if professors employed by the universities they fund, stray too far from the official orthodoxy, whether in science, politics, history, or anything else.

I should like to assure you, Monsieur de Maupassant, that by adding to your comments, I did not imply that what you said was inadequate. It’s just that, in our twenty-first-century world of cultural illiterates, one must explain things which would be assumed in a culturally literate society, as your own 19th century France may have been.

From Professor Smith – Department of Astronomy, UCLA: The chances of an extra-terrestrial civilization visiting earth are, statistically, extremely remote, given that earth is a mere tadpole swimming in a cosmic ocean of thousands of billion stars - as many stars as grains of sand on your average beach in California.

In cosmic terms we are NOTHING, I tell you, NOTHING. So we can safely conclude that no extra-terrestrials have ever visited us, and never will.

Your assertion that crop circles and lights in the sky are made by extra-terrestrials is, consequently, piffle.

Almost all UFO sightings have been rationally explained, and hoaxers long ago admitted making crop circles, and have shown how they made them. And those UFO sightings not explained, would have been, if gullible amateurs like you had made more efforts in your investigations.

You need to read more, and pontificate less.

From Christopher: I do agree with you, Professor Smith, that – as you so picturesquely put it – “……earth is a mere tadpole swimming in a cosmic ocean of thousands of billion stars…….”.

But does this necessarily mean that no extra-terrestrial civilization would know about us, or want to visit us?

If we assume any ETs having a technologically advanced civilization would be thousands, perhaps millions of years ahead of us, they might have systems in place on their planets to alert them of the presence of other advanced civilizations, no matter where in the cosmos they are.

And on being apprised of us, they might want to visit, to see if we might be a threat, or simply to discover more about us out of intellectual curiosity – an intellectual curiosity of which you seem totally bereft.

Since any half-intelligent child would be able to understand all this, I'm surprised you don't.

Your obtuseness confirms that university professors like you are no more than ossified academic hacks, without imagination, slaves to the conventional wisdom, and terrified of change.

So I won’t waste my precious time arguing with you any further.

You are NOTHING. You are FILTH. You are SCUM.

Away with you, and bother me no more.

As I look now at how I responded to Professor Smith, I wonder if I was inordinately churlish. I think I was. But this is now, and what I wrote was then, and it was then when what I wrote seemed appropriate. So it must remain, immutable, fixed for all eternity.

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