Monday, October 08, 2007

Those Amazing ETs And Their Flying Machines

I happened, the other day, upon a story about a UFO sighting near Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford-Upon-Avon, in England, where, at about 10.30 pm one evening this past July, people on the street noticed four balls of light moving over the town in formation. Then they (the balls of light) manoeuvred themselves, with three forming a triangle, and one staying just outside it. Then a fifth orb came flying towards the group at a very fast speed, then slowed, then stopped.

The orbs hovered in this position for half an hour, then moved slowly off over the horizon. Over 100 people, some with cameras, saw them. There were reportedly no stars visible in the sky just then, and the balls of light made no sound. The British Ministry of Defence reported no unusual aerial activity, implying nothing untoward was seen on any radar screens.

Sceptics - which is to say, conservatives - asserted the orbs were merely hot air balloons, fireworks, or lanterns which had broken loose from the premises of a local rugby club.

What, then, are we who weren’t there, to make of all this? If you click here, and look at the photo of the orbs, you’ll notice their positions are geometrically very precise. If you use a pencil and the edge of a piece of paper you’ll see that two sides of the triangle are the same length, and that the apex forms a right angle (90 degrees). Line your piece of paper along the three orbs which are the right point of the triangle, the orb just outside it, and the fifth orb further away, and you’ll observe they form a perfect line.

I wasn’t surprised at this degree of precision because it’s what I’ve seen in many videos of UFOs over the years. UFOs in a group often form perfect squares, rectangles or triangles, and move slowly across the sky in these formations. It’s as if there’s a controlling intelligence behind their manoeuvrings and formation. It may be the same controlling intelligence which creates crop circles, which are progressively becoming more geometrically complex.

That things can happen on earth which are caused and controlled by extra-terrestrial intelligences shouldn’t be surprising, considering we’ve landed mobile machines on the Moon and Mars, whose movements we control through radio signals from here on earth. A native Moonite or Martian might be quite nonplussed if, while out on a walk, he came across one of our machines moving around by itself, but which appeared to be intelligently controlled by something unseen. If our Moonite or Martian rushed back to tell his little friends what he’d just seen, they might tell him he was hallucinating and to seek professional help.

This brings me to a documentary film called “UFO Files – Alien Engineering” which speculates about the technology which extra-terrestrials would use in order to visit earth (and they may have already). Much of what the filmmakers - who include engineers and scientists - speculate about is based on technology we on earth have already discovered. For instance the shape and design of the US Air Force’s alien-looking stealth bomber was presaged by how some UFOs looked to those who saw them, long before the stealth bomber was even heard of.

The filmmakers opine that UFOs may get their incredible speed through nullifying gravity and using anti-matter. Scientists have already caused objects in the laboratory to move around and hover as if independent of gravity, and they (the scientists) have produced minute quantities of anti-matter. It may be possible to travel the huge distances across the cosmos by going through “wormholes”, the existence of which scientists have postulated, based on Einstein’s discovery that space is curved.

Also, to the degree that the speed of a spacecraft approaches that of light, time slows down. Thus if you travel at the speed of light over thousands of years to a planet far away, you would be the same age when you arrived on the planet as you were when you left earth. But all your friends on earth would be long dead on account of a thousand years having passed in earth-time.

Perhaps the “aliens” seen by so many of today’s earthlings are visitors from our future?

I’ll talk no more for now, so you may watch the “UFO Files – Alien Engineering”. The film lasts about 90 minutes. Because of the Youtube requirements, it’s chopped up into 10 parts, each lasting 8 to 9 minutes.

Not only do I think you’ll find it more intellectually stimulating than “American Idol”, I guarantee it.

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