Friday, July 25, 2008

The Aliens Are Here

That extra-terrestrials have visited Earth on several occasions, but that our governments have been covering this up for over sixty years, is what Dr Edgar Mitchell, who was once an astronaut and walked on the moon, has been saying, according to a recent radio interview he gave, which you may listen to if you click here.

Admittedly, Dr Mitchell is 77, and so could be suffering from dementia. But if you listen to his interview, he doesn't sound out of his mind. Far from it.

Here's an interview with Gordon Cooper, one of the original seven US astronauts, who had his own UFO experience, which you can watch him tell of, if you click here.

While Gordon Cooper, who is now deceased, was also old when he gave his interview, he sounded lucid.

But tens of thousands of other people around the world have, over the last sixty years, seen with their own (as opposed to other people's) eyes, strange-looking, alien-seeming little people, and their spacecraft.

Most of these people (the ones who've seen the aliens and their craft) are the sorts of Solid Citizens whom you wouldn't question the truth of what they say, regardless of topic. Policemen, pilots both military and civilian, army officers, state troopers, football players, you name it - the paragons of virtue who all parents want their children to be like when they grow up - have seen strange little people with large heads, and the funny round craft they fly around in. Many of these funny round craft have been captured on film, which experts have examined and failed to find bogus.

And reports of government cover-ups of evidence of extra-terrestrial beings and their craft, are too many to go into in this posting. So the only question to ask is: What do the aliens want with us?

The Mexican and British Departments of Defense have recently seen the light, and have released to the public, evidence collected over the years of UFOs. And now the Vatican has said it's OK to believe in extra-terrestrial life. Could it be that all this loosening-up of officialdom is to prepare us, the people of Earth, for Contact? Admittedly, the US Department of Defense is as secretive about UFOs as ever. But then, this is the USA. Need I say more?

Several months ago I spoke with someone who, while in a convenience store to buy milk, saw two small people with identical expressionless faces that seemed to her inhuman. They radiated vibes which she experienced as so alien, so evil, which made her so afraid, that she had to move away from them, and to wait until they had left the store, before she paid for her purchase.

While I didn't know my interlocutor that well, she being the friend of a friend, I had little doubt she was telling the truth of what she saw and experienced. And my friend didn't doubt the veracity of her friend, my interlocutor, either.

And why I believed my interlocutor was truthful was that I had read of experiences similar to hers, experiences which my interlocutor - who has no particular interest in aliens and UFOs - said she'd never read or heard about. I had no reason to disbelieve her, and neither did my friend, who knows her much better than do I.

It's likely then, that the two malevolent-exuding, inhuman-looking little people who my interlocutor saw, and the similar beings who others have seen, who I've read about, are extra-terrestrial aliens who are already living among us.

What, then, would be their purpose? Perhaps they are part of a network of extra-terrestrial sleeper cells, which, when given the word by their masters, will disable our strategic centres of Earthly government power, and take over the governance of Earth.

Our governments may already know about this, and so have designated the Mexican and British Departments of Defense, and the Vatican, to be the organs which will emotionally prepare us for this event, and are now doing so.

Which means we may soon be under the thumb of the extra-terrestrials, who, having adjudged that we are about to destroy ourselves, will save us from ourselves.