Monday, December 08, 2008

They're Here!!

In early 2001 an organisation called The Disclosure Project made a presentation to journalists at the National Press Club in Washington, where twenty or so US Air Force pilots, commercial pilots, air traffic controllers, military men, intelligence men, and other men from within the military and intelligence apparatus - who had top-secret security clearances - talked about what they had seen and heard regarding UFOs in the course of their official duties.

These men (and a couple of women) leave little doubt that we on earth are being visited by extra-terrestrials, that some of their craft have crashed on earth, that alien bodies have been recovered, and that the US government in particular, and governments in general, are doing everything to keep this all a secret.

These men all stated that they are prepared to swear under oath to the US Congress that what they saw and heard is true. There are three hundred and eighty more men from within the belly of the beast of the military and intelligence apparatus, whose testimony couldn't be fitted in to this two-hour event. They also are prepared to swear under oath to Congress that what they saw and heard was true.

So far Congress hasn't held hearings, and doesn't seem likely to, because more than seven years has passed since the happening at the National Press Club.

But think of the excitement such hearings, particularly if televised, would cause in the minds of Mr and Mrs Average. It would be as exciting as was Watergate. The hearings would last over a week, and perhaps two or three, because four hundred witnesses is a lot.

That Congress has chosen not to have such hearings is one more strand of proof that governments don't want Mr and Mrs Average to know that extra-terrestrials have visited Earth, and continue to. But keeping all this secret isn't difficult because Mr and Mrs Average seem not interested in finding out, being incurious about anything outside their own bailiwick. I can testify to this, since not one - not a single solitary one - of my own friends to whom I regularly send articles and information about UFOs, and who know of my interest in them, has ever shown any vestige of interest in discussing them on the occasions I see them.

Why this monumental and puzzling incuriosity? Is it because Mr and Mrs Average believe only what Daddy (their government) says? So if Daddy says UFOs are all figments of people's imaginations, then this must be so? This seems the most reasonable explanation for Mr and Mrs Average's incuriosity, since, with the advent of Youtube and Google, there is a cornucopia - nay, a veritable Aladdin's Cave - of information at the press of a laptop key to support the facts of extraterrestrial craft and extraterrestrial beings.

What more evidence do Mr and Mrs Average need, short of extra-terrestrials actually landing on the White House lawn in a flying saucer and announcing via CNN that they're here? That no extra-terrestrials have yet done this is proof that they wish Mr and Mrs Average to continue to be oblivious to their existence, for they (the extra-terrestrials) would surely know that there are none so blind as those who do not wish to see.